Tankless Water Heater Repair is a great investment for your home, but like any other mechanical system, it will need repairs from time to time. Read on to find out what costs can be expected when your water heater needs maintenance or a full-on repair.

Water Heater

The average cost to repair a thermostat in a tankless water heater is $75 to $150. This includes the price of a new thermostat and the labor to install it. For professional help, contact Tankless Water Heater Repair Denver.

Thermostats control how hot your water is and play a key role in your Tankless Water Heater’s ability to operate. If your thermostat goes bad, your tankless unit will no longer turn on or heat your water. This can be a frustrating problem to deal with, but luckily, it is one that you can usually solve yourself. The first thing to do is shut off the power to your water heater by turning off the circuit breaker or switch that controls its operation. This will help to prevent any further damage or injury while you’re working on the thermostat.

Once the power is off, you’ll want to locate the reset button and press it. This will initiate the reset process and clear any error codes that may be displaying. Once the reset has completed, you can then restore power to your water heater by flipping the breaker or power switch back to the “On” position. You should also give your water heater a few minutes to warm up before using it again.

If your Tankless Water Heater is giving off signs of trouble, there’s a good chance that you have mineral buildup or ignition problems. This can be an issue for both gas and electric units. If you have a gas unit, check to make sure the gas valve is open and that there are no issues with the gas line itself.

Another common problem with tankless units is the dreaded cold water sandwich. This happens when someone in your home showers right before you do, leaving behind hot water leftovers that take too long to cool down. Keeping up with regular maintenance and staggering your water usage can help avoid this problem, as can upgrading to a larger unit or simply scheduling a professional for a quick tuneup.

When a water heater experiences a blown heating element, it can be very frustrating to deal with. It’s one of the most expensive parts of a tankless unit to replace, and it can be challenging to find a replacement. However, the plumbing professionals at Honest Abe Home Services will be able to identify and fix the issue quickly.

When a gas-powered unit experiences ignition problems, it could mean that there are issues with the fuel system. This can be caused by a number of things, such as an improperly installed gas flex or a leak in the gas line. Both of these can be very expensive to repair, so it’s important to contact a plumber to see if they can help.

Leak Repair

If you have noticed a leak from the tankless water heater, it is important to call a plumber right away. The leak may be due to a compromised seal, sediment buildup, or faulty valves. It could also be a sign of other plumbing issues, like corroded pipes or rusting joints. The cost of repairing the leak will depend on the severity and location. Generally, a professional plumber can repair the leak quickly and safely.

If your hot water heater is not providing any hot water, it could be a simple problem that can be fixed by resetting the system. This is a simple process that involves turning off the power to the unit and then flipping the reset switch on the circuit breaker. The switch should be located on the top of the unit, or in a similar location where it is easy to access. You should consult the manufacturer’s manual or a plumbing professional to find out exactly how to do this for your specific tankless water heater.

A broken heating element can also cause the tankless water heater to malfunction. Depending on whether it is powered by natural gas or electricity, the heating element can be replaced to restore proper function. If the unit is electric, it’s a good idea to check that the circuit breaker is not tripped or the gas line has not been turned off.

Sometimes, the temperature sensor or igniter on a tankless water heater can become damaged due to dirt, debris, or corrosion. These components can be cleaned with a brush or cloth to remove the buildup, but they may need to be replaced completely if they are not working properly.

Similarly, a burner head or igniter can become clogged by sediment or mineral buildup. This can lead to poor performance or even fire hazards. Using a soft brush or cloth, you can clean the unit’s igniter and flame sensor to remove any buildup. If the igniter or flame sensor is damaged, you will need to replace them.

If your water has changed color or taste, it may be a sign that the tankless water heater is dirty. A high iron content is dangerous to your health and should be addressed immediately. A professional plumber can flush the unit to remove the sediment. They can also install a water treatment system to improve the quality of your home’s water. A water heater replacement will likely be a more expensive option, but it will ensure that you have enough hot water for your family’s needs. A qualified plumbing company can help you determine your needs and compare costs to make a decision. A plumbing company can also provide a labor warranty and the water heater manufacturer’s parts warranty to protect you from additional costs in the future.

Pilot Light Repair

Many gas water heaters still utilize a standing pilot ignition system, meaning a small flame remains lit to ignite the burner when heat is needed. The problem is that this flame can sometimes go out for a variety of reasons. A simple fix is to simply relight the pilot light, but the process requires the proper safety precautions as a high voltage of electricity runs through these units.

The first thing to do is make sure the power is off. Locate the circuit breaker or power switch and flip it to the off position. You should also shut off the gas supply valve. This is a safety measure to prevent any accidental gas leaks or fires.

Next, locate the gas control valve. It is typically located in a utility closet and will have an ‘on’ and ‘pilot’ setting. Turn the valve to the ‘pilot’ position and use a lighter or match to relight the flame. Hold it in the ‘pilot’ position for about 20-30 seconds.

If the flame goes out again, repeat the steps to relight it. It is possible that something is preventing the pilot light from receiving gas, like a line blockage. You may need to clean or replace the line if this is the case. Another issue could be a faulty thermocouple that shuts off the flow of gas to the pilot light. In this case, you would need to replace the thermocouple.

Other potential issues include dirt accumulation at the pilot port opening or a strong draft that snuffs out the flame. A professional can perform a complete system flush to remove sediment and ensure that all components are functioning properly.

Before hiring a tankless water heater repair company, look for one with excellent reviews on Google, Facebook and the BBB. Check that they have proper licensing and insurance. A trustworthy plumber will also provide upfront estimates before beginning any work.

Regular preventative maintenance is the best way to keep your water heater in tip-top shape. However, it is always important to have emergency repairs performed as soon as you notice a problem. A reputable tankless water heater repair company will have the necessary parts and tools on hand to quickly restore your hot water. With the help of a skilled professional, you can save yourself from costly and inconvenient water heater replacement costs. Contact us for a free tankless water heater repair estimate! We serve clients throughout the Phoenix area. We offer competitive pricing, high quality workmanship and fast response times. We pride ourselves on being honest and upfront with our customers. We offer a full range of services including repair, installation, system flushes and more. We strive to exceed your expectations!